Martin Scorsese: “Music was  always  very important to me…

…I remember seeing two old and drunk men, making their way through Elizabeth Street. One of them stole the other one his shoes and while complaining about it there was Fats Dominos “When My Dream Boat Comes Home” coming from an open window. So strange is this world and I thought why  is it impossible to see this in a movie. Lovescenes with Lovesongs are boring.”

Martin Scorsese respectful and creative way to work with music in movies inspired CINESONG to offer music supervising for cinema and TV, as well as for theatre and contemporary art. Our goal and trademark is  to find the perfect music for the right scene, to intensify and complement the impression and emotions of the project.

CINESONG offers professional and creative research services for -music from all genres and times.

  • score composers
  • Copyright clearing
  • excellent contacts to musicians and DJ’s, personal & direct contacts to all the major and independent music companies
  • soundtrack production
  • executive score and song production

CINESONG is open minded and independent!