About me

Milena Fessmann (Musicsupervisor/Radio-DJ /DJ)

Since 1991 Milena Fessmann has worked as a full-time DJ (1992-1997 Turbine Rosenheim, 2001-2014 Radio Eins After Work Lounge, Trompete/Berlin, European Film Awards 2015 etc.) and has worked for various radio stations currently working for Radio Eins/RBB (since 1997) with her own weekly show called „Free Falling“.http://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendungen/free_falling/

In 1989 she founded CINESONG.
She is moderator of several national and international events and panels such as Reeperbahn-Festival 2014-22, c/o Pop Cologne 2014-2022 and many more.  Milena Fessmann teaches musicsupervising and copyright clearing at filmschools such as DFFB Berlin and is advisory boardmember of the World Soundtrack Academy.


She is member of the European Filmacademy.



WSA Matchmaking@jerreon willems

She also runs Sugar Town Filmproduktion.